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Revision Questions and Answers



  1. What is the importance of support?
  2. In animals
  3. In plants
  4. (i). Name the different types of support tissue in plants

(ii). Name two different types skeletons in animals, giving an example of an animal for each named skeleton

  1. (a). List down the different bones found in

(i). Axial skeleton

(ii). Appendicular skeleton in human

(b). what is the difference between exoskeleton and endoskeleton?

  1. Describe movement in a finned fish
  2. (a). What role do the following features play in movement of a tilapia fish?

(i). Myotomes

(ii). Fins

(iii). Swim bladder

(iv). Overlapping and backward pointing scales

(v). Tail with high tail power

(b). State the necessity of movement in animals

  1. (i). Name three types of strengthening tissues found in plants

(ii). some herbaceous stems have very little strengthening tissues yet still remain upright. Suggest how they are able to do this.

  1. Name three types of muscles found in the human body, state where each type is located and how each is adapted to its functions.
  2. Define and state the function of each of the following

(i). Tendon

(ii). A ligament

  1. (i). Draw and label a hinge joint and a ball and socket joint

(ii). what are the differences between hinge and ball and socket joint?


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